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Endocrine control of fallopian tube epithelial - Created in 2020 - CPDID=726
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Return to CourseList Code:SEP153+ Title:Fallopian tube endocrinology+
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Fallopian tube epithelial cells express androgen receptor and have a distinct hormonal responsiveness when compared with endometrial epithelium
Proliferative indices, hormone receptor expression-scores and in vitro response to oestrogen and androgens of the human fallopian tube (FT) epithelium demonstrate a distinct pattern from the matched endometrium.

296. Endocrine control of fallopian tube epithelial [Abstract]
from: James Stanger ( ), Australia on 15/09/2020 10:18:17 AM Profession:
Comment: The fallopian tube epithelial and cilia are different to endomtrial epithelial.
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