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Use as part of your new staff development program.

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to IVFCPD
IVFCPD is undergoing a major consolidation-pages may change frequently.

Information about IVFCPD suppot and enrolling in IVFCPD modules
The aim of IVFCPD is to
- bridge a gap between in-house education programmes that many larger clinics operate and IVF society based accreditation schemes.
- make ongoing education interesting (maybe even fun)
- provide a vehicle for clinics to demonstrate to accreditation bodies that their staff are involved in ongoing education
- provide an education base for both students and staff new to IVF and experienced clinic staff
- be broad in scope and relevant to all staff involved in the running of an IVF Clinic including medical staff, nursing, scientific, counseling and administrative staff. Maybe some universities may like to use IVFCPD as part of their education programme and finally some patients may like to participate to further their background knowledge.
How do you pay to enroll in the IVFCPD learning modules?
  Access to IVFCPD is free BUT access to all educational modules is via a nominated supporter. IVFCPD may in the future provide some modules that require Bronze Support or payment (to reimburse the authors of the selected module).
  IVFCPD has developed a new way for you to access your educational tools called PDS or Personalised Directed Support.
  This model allows you to enroll any or all of IVFCPD educational activities immediately and without payment but asks (requires) you to nominate a supporter for each activity. It allows the supporter to monitor its support and may, in the future, provide for supporter information to be displayed at the time of enrollment.
  IVFCPD has been developed to be fun and educational and the range of educational tools that have been created hopefully fulfill this for most IVF staff. Each activity is reported in CPD minutes to reflect both your participation and your performance. Each activity, based upon the approximate time to complete, will reward you with a different number of minutes and these also reflect the cost in sponsorship units to your supporter. You can nominate as many supporters as you wish.
  The default sponsor is FertAid that supplies an External Quality Assurance programme
  It is hoped that as the content in IVFCPD is developed, more companies involved in IVF may see IVFCPD as a valid way to promote both their clients education and their own products.
  If you, as a client, like IVFCPD then please recommend possible support to your suppliers.
  If you are a supplier of services, you are also welcome to use IVFCPD as a learning tool for your companies staff. It is hoped that you may appreciate how IVFCPD may allow you to promote your products to new clients or to support your existing clients.
Types of Support
  IVFCPD envisages that sponsors may prefer to support IVFCPD in a variety of ways. Contact FertAid to discuss how you may like to support your IVF clients. However, the following options can be accommodated
1. GOLD Support - International support. For Companies that provide global Products or services.
2. SILVER Supporter - Regional or national Support. for local distributors and service providers.
3. BRONZE Support - Private Support via unique code. - allows for private access to restricted modules (contact IVFCPD for more details).
4. PLATINUM Support - IVFCPD is open to a single annual supporter.
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