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  About IVFCPD, IVFDaily and Publication Links

IVFDaily was created in 2015 to provide a link between IVFC clinic staff and new publications.

It is a sad observation that Clinic staff are very busy completing their responsibilities towards providing theirs clinics service to all their clients be it advice, management or support but have insufficient time to follow the most recent publications. This important both for accreditation where clinics need to spend considerable resources providing such ongoing education and also because clinic clients certainly know all about new information!!
IVFDaily reviewed new publications, usually before they had been allocated a journal designation. The choice was eclectic but based on more than 30 years experience in managing IVF clinics including the ongoing education programmes.

On average 5-10 new articles over a broad range of topics were selected, and when possible, were posted to about 3,000 (and growing) subscribers.


The items on the IVFDaily publication list contained

  • a link to the original publication
  • The title
  • The Conclusion or a summary of the article (just enough for a subscriber to appreciate the nature of the article)
  • The DOI linkage

    The nature of each publication may also have been linked to a number of identifiers (these are incomplete as new identifiers have been added)

  • One or more topics
  • One or more key words
  • The standard citation
  • The type of article (scientific publication, news article or other discriminators
  • The country of the authors.
  • Open or restricted access status
    Since each article is the key information source, IVFCPD has used it to link a number of CPD activities together. This allow subscribers to move between reviews, comments, questions, etc attracting CPD minutes when each activity is completed. The key function of IVFCPD is to provide a location where staff can remain in touch with new ideas and observations in a way that they can document and gain accreditation for their endeavors.

    The icon provides a link to a page where these activities have been drawn together for each article.

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