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There are many articles published each week concerning various aspects of IVF. Yet all but a few academically minded actually read them. They however contain a wealth of information that most IVF staff either are disinclined to read or do not have access to them.

IVFCPD seek to bridge this gap by sorting the new article list for publications that may impact on the day to day operations inside an IVF clinic. From dedicated learning modules, commentaries and questions and test to journal clubs, there is a growing body of information contained within IVFCPD that clinics and individuals can use to improve their knowledge. Gained knowledge can be used to make better informed decisions about clinical and laboratory practice to dealing with clients in a more informed manner.

From introductory courses for new staff to ongoing education for clinics, IVFCPD means you do not need to operate in-services as often and CPD minutes accrued from doing these exercise maybe used for both accreditation and professional development.

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